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All in One book English and Hindi for Children Available at Zexsazone
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Book : My First Board Book Of All In One


Binding : HARD BOND

Publishing Date : 2015

Publisher : Manoj Pocket Books

Edition : 2023

Number of Pages : 48

Language : English & Hindi

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Our Best Product


Spark a Lifelong Love of Learning: All in One Books for Young Learners!

Is your curious 3-year-old ready to explore the world around them? Are you searching for engaging resources to introduce them to letters, numbers, shapes, and more? Look no further than all-in-one books – the perfect solution for nurturing young minds!

 My First School Book or All in One Book: A Colorful Introduction

My First Board Book is a fantastic choice for introducing little ones to the magic of books. These sturdy, colorful books are designed for tiny hands and feature captivating illustrations alongside simple words.

Q: What are the benefits of My First Board Books?

  • Durable and safe: Made with thick cardboard pages, these books can withstand the enthusiastic explorations of toddlers.
  • Sensory experience: Bright, eye-catching visuals paired with simple text engage young minds.
  • Interactive learning: Many My First Board Books incorporate textures, sounds, or lift-the-flap elements to boost curiosity and learning.

 All in One Books for Nursery Class: A Learning Adventure Begins!

As your child transitions to nursery class, all-in-one books become a valuable tool for developing essential skills. These comprehensive books cover a wide range of topics, from the alphabet and numbers to shapes, colors, animals, and more!

Features of All-in-One Nursery Books:

  • Age-appropriate content: Designed to cater to the interests and learning pace of young children.
  • Variety of activities: May include tracing exercises, simple counting games, and coloring pages.
  • Interactive elements: Engaging activities like stickers, pop-ups, or cut-outs keep children actively involved.
  • Building vocabulary: Introduces new words and reinforces existing knowledge.

Q: How can I use all-in-one books with my nursery-aged child?

  • Read together: Point to pictures, sound out letters, and encourage your child to participate.
  • Ask questions: Spark curiosity with prompts like “What color is this apple?” or “Can you count the ladybugs?”
  • Encourage independent exploration: Let your child spend time with the book independently, flipping through pages and discovering new things.

 All in One Book for Your 3-Year-Old: Cultivating a Love of Learning

There are fantastic all-in-one books specifically designed for 3-year-olds. These engaging resources cater to their developmental stage, focusing on:

  • Alphabet recognition: Introduce uppercase and lowercase letters with fun illustrations and rhymes.
  • Number identification: Learn to count with vibrant visuals and interactive activities.
  • Shape exploration: Discover basic shapes like circles, squares, and triangles.
  • Color identification: Introduce vibrant colors with engaging pictures and activities.
  • Early science and social concepts: Simple introductions to animals, body parts, greetings, and emotions.

Q: What should I look for in an all-in-one book for my 3-year-old?

  • Large, colorful illustrations: Capture their attention and make learning fun.
  • Simple text: Easy for young children to understand and follow.
  • Interactive elements: Keep them engaged and encourage active participation.
  • Durable materials: Board books or laminated pages can withstand enthusiastic exploration.

 Explore a World of Languages: All in One Books in Hindi and English

For bilingual families, fantastic all-in-one books are available in both Hindi and English. These resources are a wonderful way to:

  • Introduce your child to a second language.
  • Reinforce their existing knowledge of their first language.
  • Celebrate cultural diversity.

Q: How can I use all-in-one Hindi-English books with my child?

  • Read in both languages: Alternate between Hindi and English pages, pointing to pictures and saying the words together.
  • Make it fun and engaging: Use silly voices, sound effects, or sing along to simple rhymes in both languages.
  • Celebrate their progress: Acknowledge your child’s efforts and be patient with the learning process.

By incorporating all-in-one books into your child’s learning journey, you’ll be fostering a love of exploration, discovery, and a lifelong love of learning!

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  1. aashish

    Good quality.

  2. sahil

    best all in one book for baby

  3. karan

    very informative book

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All in One book English and Hindi for Children Available at Zexsazone
Original price was: ₹499.0.Current price is: ₹205.0.
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