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Zexsazone Soft push fabric animal Rocky dog soft toy size 22 cm cream color
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Original price was: ₹420.0.Current price is: ₹263.2.

About this item
  • Made from soft materials adhering to the safety standards, this stuffed toy is safe to be used age plush 2 year above.
  • Endearing facial expression and beautiful eyes engage on an emotional level and make this stuffed husky extra lifelike. It features a fluffy plume tail and a soft, cute nose for added realism.
  • The plush husky puppy is made of super soft fabric which is very comfortable and smooth to touch. Its eyes and nose are stuck firmly and all the stitches are well sewn. So it is durable enough for children’s daily play.
  • This husky plush can also be used as a decorative piece in a child’s nursery. Perfect toy for newborn, infant, boy, girl, and great for babies bedroom decor, animal themed parties or as birthday gifts, baby shower, birthday announcements, Valentine’s gifts for kids.
  • This husky stuffed animal measures about 35 Cm. The size of it fits perfect for newborns and infants and will definitely bring a smile to their face.
  • Size: 22x14x10 Cm
  • 7 Days Replacement Policy
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Our Best Product


Introducing the Zexsazone Cream Color Rocky big dog soft toys online

Child-Friendly Design

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Crafted with your child’s safety in mind.big dog soft toys online
  • Fun-Sized Playmate: Perfect size for little hands to hold and cuddle.

Visual Appeal and Easy Maintenance

  • Cream Color Charm: Adorned in a soothing cream color.
  • Easy Cleaning: Fully machine washable for hassle-free maintenance.

Comfort and Versatility

  • Soft and Smooth Comfort: Plush material ensures a soft and cozy touch.
  • Neck and Head Support: Offers relaxation and support beyond playtime.

Thoughtful Gifting and Room Décor

  • Heartwarming Gift: Ideal for birthdays, special occasions, and expressing love.
  • Funky Room Addition: Infuse your child’s room with vibrancy and color.

With these subheadings and enhanced use of transition words, the description is more organized and easier to read, ensuring that the key features of the Zexsazone Cream Color Rocky Dog Teddy Bear are highlighted effectively.

3 reviews for Zexsazone Soft push fabric animal Rocky dog soft toy size 22 cm cream color

  1. sahil

    Good quality.

  2. aashish

    Good quality

  3. pihu

    Very nice and high quality product I love this product and this toy is very durable

    Image #1 from pihu
    Image #2 from pihu
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Zexsazone Soft push fabric animal Rocky dog soft toy size 22 cm cream color
Original price was: ₹420.0.Current price is: ₹263.2.
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