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Zexsazone Soft push fabric animal elephant toy 34 cm pink color
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About this item

  • You can gift this Grey colored soft heart to your loved ones.
  • This is Made from soft, non toxic and anti-allergic polyester fabri
  • Recommended for children aged 2 years and above
  • This soft toy is an IS 9873 certified product to ensure safety
  • Be it gifting it as a playtime toy or a Valentine’s present or simply to wish a heartfelt Get Well Soon this chubby bear can be used to celebrate various occasionsThis is made up of good quality and non toxic materials are used in the creation of this teddy. Fun gifting option this fun sized pink teddy bear is 34 cm in length and comes in a sweet pink color bring fun to your kid’s playtime and makes your loved ones feel special. You can do easy cleaning the material of the soft toy makes it completely washable and it is machine washable. If gives you a soft and smooth feel whenever you touch this make you feel comfortable and if you are little bit tired so this is also helps you relaxing and also for your neck and head. A perfect cuddle buddy for children of any age make your Kids room funky vibrant and colorful by adding beautiful collection of baby joys soft toys. Good gift for your lovely kids.
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Our Best Product
Our Best Product


“The Perfect Pink Elephant teddy: Your Child’s New Best Friend”

Crafted with Safety in Mind

  • Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic materials, the Elephant teddy ensures safety for children during play.

Built to Last

  • Prioritizing safety and durability, this toy is built to withstand the wear and Teddy Bear of active play, offering lasting enjoyment.

Convenient Size

  • With a convenient length of 34 cm, it’s perfect for children to carry, cuddle, and play with. Elephant teddy

Easy to Clean

  • The Elephant teddy is easily cleanable, as it’s completely washable and suitable for machine washing, ensuring a hygienic playtime environment.

Comfort and Companionship

  • The Elephant teddy s soft and smooth texture provides comfort, making it an ideal companion for relaxation, particularly for children seeking a cuddly friend.

Supportive Snuggles

  • Its softness can also double as neck and head support, which can be especially useful during naps or bedtime.

Aesthetic Appeal

  • Beyond being a toy, this teddy bear adds a funky, vibrant, and colorful touch to a child’s room, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Perfect Gift

  • The description underscores that it’s an ideal gift for kids, suitable for birthdays, holidays, or simply to express affection.

5 reviews for Zexsazone Soft push fabric animal elephant toy 34 cm pink color

  1. Vijay

    Good quality.

  2. Aarav singh

    Soft toys manufacturer in Ghaziabad

  3. Daksh kumar

    Kids bags manufacturer in Ghaziabad

  4. Aarav singh

    Good quality kids bags

  5. Sandeep Rana

    Kids bag manufacture’s in ghaziabad

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Zexsazone Soft push fabric animal elephant toy 34 cm pink color
Original price was: ₹558.8.Current price is: ₹446.8.
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