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Zexsazone soft plush fabric premium quality Monkey animal soft toy 18 CM height in Coffee color
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About this item

  • You can gift this Coffe colored soft animal monkey toy your loved ones.
  • This is Made from soft, non toxic and anti-allergic polyester fabri
  • Recommended for children aged 2 years and above
  • This soft toy is an IS 9873 certified product to ensure safety
  • Be it gifting it as a playtime toy or a Valentine’s present or simply to wish a heartfelt Get Well Soon this chubby bear can be used to celebrate various occasions
  • 7 Days Replacement Policy
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Our Best Product


Monkey taddy Surprise your loved ones with this adorable 18 cm monkey toy in a delightful coffee color.  Here are some key features and details about this charming toy:

1. High-Quality Material Monkey taddy : This soft monkey toy is meticulously crafted from soft, non-toxic, and anti-allergic polyester fabric, ensuring that it’s not only huggable but also safe for your little ones to snuggle with.

2. Safety Certified Monkey taddy : Your child’s safety is a top priority. This toy is an IS 9873 certified product, guaranteeing its adherence to safety standards, so you can have peace of mind while your child enjoys their new playmate.

3. Sturdy Construction Monkey taddy : The eyes, nose, and bow are securely stitched in place, eliminating the risk of them coming off and ensuring that there are no choking hazards. We have designed this toy for your child’s well-being.

4. Easy to Clean Monkey taddy : Even with your little one’s boundless enthusiasm, you can easily keep this toy fresh and clean. You should wash your hands whenever they get dirty, making maintenance a breeze..

5. Versatile Gifting: Whether you’re looking for a playful addition to your kid’s room, a thoughtful Valentine’s gift, or a sweet way to wish someone a heartfelt “Get Well Soon,” this chubby monkey is a versatile companion for various occasions.

6. Age-Appropriate Monkey taddy : While it’s safe for children aged 1 year and above, it’s particularly recommended for kids who are 2 years and older. This monkey is the perfect size for small arms to hug and squeeze.

7. Soft and Comfy: With its quality fabric and conjugate fiber-filled stuffing, this monkey is incredibly soft and comfortable to cuddle. Your kids won’t be able to resist hugging it tightly.

3 reviews for Zexsazone soft plush fabric premium quality Monkey animal soft toy 18 CM height in Coffee color

  1. sahil

    good quality

  2. aashish

    Good quality.

  3. karan

    Good quality.

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Monkey teddy
Zexsazone soft plush fabric premium quality Monkey animal soft toy 18 CM height in Coffee color
Original price was: ₹670.8.Current price is: ₹308.0.
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