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Zexsazone U-shape travelling neck pillow with eye mask multipurpose headrest, neck rest cream color
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Original price was: ₹782.8.Current price is: ₹299.0.

  • Highlights
    • Sales Package 1 Neck Pillow, 1 Eye mask, Brand packing
    • Type: Neck Pillow & Eye Shade, Size-free
    • Material: Filling with polisher staple fiber
    • Neck Pillow Material: Soft plush fabric
    • Eye Shade Material: Soft plush fabric
    • Ideal For: Men, Women.
    • Uses For Product: Travelling, Sleeping, Studying
    • Bonus Eye Mask Included:  our neck pillow comes with a comfortable eye mask that aids in sound sleep.
    •  ISO 9873 certified
  • 7 Days Replacement Policy
Our Best Product
Our Best Product


🎙️ Calling all bulk order enthusiasts! Elevate your customers’ comfort game with the Zexsazone Grey Neck Pillow – the pinnacle of travel luxury! Tailored for those who appreciate unmatched comfort and support during their journeys, this neck pillow is the ideal choice for your bulk orders. Here’s why the Zexsazone Neck Pillow is the perfect addition to your inventory:

🌟 **Bulk-Ready Premium Materials:**
Crafted from top-quality virgin fiber filling and adorned with a soft grey velvet fabric, the Zexsazone Neck Pillow promises a plush and luxurious experience, making it an irresistible option for your bulk orders.

🌈 **Ergonomic Horseshoe Shape for Bulk Comfort:**
The classic horseshoe shape, designed for excellent neck support, ensures your customers will travel and relax in style and comfort with every bulk purchase.

🎒 **Bulk Convenience with Handy Pockets:**
The Zexsazone Neck Pillow’s convenient pocket provides secure space for essential items, making it perfect for on-the-go convenience in bulk – an enticing feature for your customers.

✈️ **Bulk Hassle-Free Travel Essential:**
Meticulously designed for stress-free travel, this neck pillow guarantees worry-free journeys for your customers in bulk, ensuring they arrive at their destination relaxed and rejuvenated.

🔗 **Bulk Versatility with Snap-on Buttons:**
The incorporated snap-on button not only provides optimal neck support but also allows users to attach the pillow to luggage exteriors, saving valuable space – a key benefit for bulk travelers.

🌐 **Bulk-Ready for Various Settings:**
Ideal for travel in bulk – cars, buses, trains, or planes – the Zexsazone Neck Pillow seamlessly transitions to various leisure settings. Bulk orders can enjoy comfort by the pool, on outdoor hammock beds, while watching TV, or even during power naps at the office.

😴 **Bulk Ultimate Comfort for Quality Rest:**
The Zexsazone Neck Pillow gently cradles the neck, allowing head and neck muscles to relax. Its super soft support ensures a comfortable sleep experience even while sitting upright – a dream come true for bulk relaxation.

🔄 **Bulk Adjustable Fit for Personalized Comfort:**
The pillow’s softness allows users to twist it into various positions, and adjustable ropes enable personalized and comfortable fits – a tailored experience for each bulk customer.

Seize the opportunity to enhance your inventory with the Zexsazone Neck Pillow! Join us in offering the ultimate in comfort and support to your bulk order customers. Contact us today for bulk inquiries and explore partnership opportunities! 🌐✈️🛌 #Zexsazone #BulkOrders #TravelComfort #WholesaleDeals

4 reviews for Zexsazone U-shape travelling neck pillow with eye mask multipurpose headrest, neck rest cream color

  1. aashish

    Good quality.

  2. karan

    Good quality.

  3. ankit

    Good quality.

  4. pihu

    Good quality.

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cream neck pillow
Zexsazone U-shape travelling neck pillow with eye mask multipurpose headrest, neck rest cream color
Original price was: ₹782.8.Current price is: ₹299.0.
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